Kettler Table Tennis Racquet

Owning a Kettler Table Tennis Table is the first step to becoming good at the game. The second is to get a high quality Kettler racquet. Getting the adequate racquet can be intimidating because there are hundreds of brands out there, so it’s really hard to choose a model. However, if you’ve purchased a Kettler Table Tennis Table, getting a Kettler Table Tennis Racquet should be the perfect compliment.

The Kettler Table Tennis Racquet will not only help you better your game, but it’s also a good investment as Kettler makes very high quality racquets. The Kettler Table Tennis Racquet features a five-ply shake hand design as well as an anatomic handle for a comfortable feel while you are playing.

This racquet rated as follows: Speed: 70, Spin: 60, Control: 50. As you can see it is very well rounded.