Kettler Stockholm Table

The Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table is designed and built in Germany. It features a unique 7/8 inch aluminum composite top that is stronger and more durable than any wood, and more consistant than fiberglass. It weighs less than half of wood and is completely weatherproof. A special machine press fuses a heavy guage top sheet, a textured backsheet, and 1 inch square edge supports into an aluminum shell. Encased in the shell is a treated and protected high density composite core. The top surface is also coated with an electro-static powder-epoxy enamel to show off bright white markings while eliminating glare.

Bounce consistancy is so good that the Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table is the only non-wood table certified for international tournament play. The Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table can rollaway on lockable 12.1cm industrial strength casters. The Center transport base is made of highly impact resistance resin. Oversized legs move automatically during folding into half open playback position, or fully closed. Tournament net posts are built into the unit. Each side of the net features an individual thumb-wheel net tension device. Cord-suspended net comes with it.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (unfolded): Length: 9 feet Width: 5 feet Height: 30 inches
Dimensions (folded): Length: 72" Width: 21-11/16" Height: 67"
Caster Type: 4" Double Casters
Undercarriage Metal: Steel
Undercarriage Color: Gray
Leg Thickness: Oval Steel

Kettler Match 5.0 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Match 5.0 Table Tennis Table is stable and built to last. It is designed with a .75 inch wood tabletop coated with anti-glare material, designed to be waterproof under even the harshest conditions. The Kettler Match 5.0 Table Tennis Table holds up during even the most heated games, without glare from the sun and other light sources. This table features a fixed net with automatic tension regulation to keep it tight. This collapsible table is easy to stow and measure only 25x64x67 inches when folded. Other features of this table are a set of durable, easy rolling wheels with locking mechanisms and safety brakes, a racket and ball holder, and a solo play mode, where half of the table is set upward. The Match 5.0 is another great table from Kettler Table Tennis.

Product Specificiations

Weatherproof 7/8-inch aluminum sealed composite top
Fixed net uses automatic tensioning mechanism for optimum tightness
Anti-glare coating on surface won't reflect sun's glare
Comes with racket and ball holder
Folds up to simplify storage
Measures 108 x 30 x 60 inches (25 x 64 x 67 when folded)
3 year warranty

Kettler Riga Pro Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Kettler Riga Pro Outdoor Table Tennis Table features an aluminum sealed composite, non-glare tournament top. Designed to be waterproof even under the harshest conditions, this table is made to last. The Kettler Riga Pro Table sports a unique dimpled aluminum underside to combat the problem of warping that is usually seen in outdoor tables. The Kettler Riga Pro Table provides unmatched quality and performance and is a welcome addition to anyone's backyard.

Product Specifications:

Unfolded Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 2.5 feet (274 x 152 x 76 cm)
Folded Dimensions: 5.58 x 1.83 x 6 feet (170 x 56 x 183 cm)
One inch (2.4cm) round legs
Comes with posts and net
One side folds up for warm-up or solo play (True playback feature)
Edges of each top half are supported by square aluminum tubing

It comes in two colors; blue and green. We recommend blue, since green tends to blend in with the outdoor environment too much.

Table Tennis Grips

Professional table tennis players grip their rackets in many different way. As per the rules of table tennis, there is no set way to hold the racket. There are two major families of styles; penhold and shakehand. There are other, less popular grips, but for now, we will focus only on these two.

Penhold Grip
Penhold styles have dipped in popularity recently because they had a huge weakness on the backhand side. This weakness puts new penhold players at a disadvantage against their shakehand opponents. Even with this, the best Penhold table tennis players have been winning world championships, the world cup, as well as the olympic games. The backhand weakness can be mitigated by having good footwork, or by using the reverse penhold backhand loop.

Shakehand Grip
The Shakehand grip has been around longer than any other grip. This grip places the index finger extended over the racket head perpendicular to the handle. It gives an almost even power spread over forehand and backhand shots, however, it also creates a wider gap in between. Almost every European table tennis player and ~67% of Asian players play with the Shakehand grip.

Dimensions of a Table Tennis Table

The dimensions of a table tennis table is about 9 feet by 5 ft by 30 inches high. This is equal 2.74m by 1.525m by 76 cm.

It is important to have the correct dimensions for your table tennis table because an irregularly shaped table will produce differing and varying bounces, which can be very bad for the players. Consistency is key to becoming a good ping pong player. However, if you are playing just fornfun, the dimensions of the table tennis table may not be an issue. If you are playing at the tournament level, or otherwise seriously, the performance of the table tennis table, and how the ball bounces, need to be perfect. Make sure your table has the correct dimensions and is free of any surface defects. Chips, cracks, bumps, or other obstructions can severely hinder your game.

Do you have a ping pong plan?

What is your plan for improving your table tennis game over the next few months?

Don't have one? Don't worry - Over 90% of people reading this probably don't. Even I only have a rough idea of what I want to achieve in the near future.

Why is it that ping pong players will waste hours every week at a club or online chatting frivolously about the game, but can't spend 15-20 minutes to developing a plan to better their game? Is it that they do not realize the benefits of having a solid plan? Or are there other reasons why ping pong players put off coming up with a plan? Give us your thoughts.

Kettler Table Tennis Racquet

Owning a Kettler Table Tennis Table is the first step to becoming good at the game. The second is to get a high quality Kettler racquet. Getting the adequate racquet can be intimidating because there are hundreds of brands out there, so it’s really hard to choose a model. However, if you’ve purchased a Kettler Table Tennis Table, getting a Kettler Table Tennis Racquet should be the perfect compliment.

The Kettler Table Tennis Racquet will not only help you better your game, but it’s also a good investment as Kettler makes very high quality racquets. The Kettler Table Tennis Racquet features a five-ply shake hand design as well as an anatomic handle for a comfortable feel while you are playing.

This racquet rated as follows: Speed: 70, Spin: 60, Control: 50. As you can see it is very well rounded.

Kettler Baltic Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Today we look at the Kettler Baltic weatherproof outdoor table tennis table, in blue. Outdoor table tennis table is great. All the fun of the sport without having to make room in the house for a big table. Kettler makes great, high quality, durable outdoor tables. The top of the table is encased in aluminum. The Baltic table we purchased was the cheapest in Kettler's product line, but after glancing at their product line, the table top seems to be the same on all models. The biggest difference between the models is the support system. The bounce is decently good and consistent, though it may not be up to par with the olympic standard. We live in mild weather, so I can not say how this fares with snow, but the Kettler table definitely withstands the sun and rain very well. It is on the concrete patio in my backyard, and stays open all the time. As our patio is surrounded by green plants, the blue color really stands out and I believe this makes it a great color choice. Also, I suggest you use orange colored balls for this table. They contrast against the blue really well, and are easy to find when they get hit into bushes. You do pay for quality though, since an outdoor table generally costs more than an indoor table of a comparable quality.

We have had this table tennis table for almost a year now. It works great with no problems to speak of. As said before, it is open all the time in the backyard. The only thing we had to replace recently was the net. We got a replacement net from Kettler at a small fee. One more thing, the official kettler cover only works with a folded table. So if you just keep the table open all the time like we do, you do not need to buy a cover.

About Kettler

Kettler is a German company based in Ense-Parsit. The company is best known for producing high quality table tennis tables. Kettler operates in 60 countries and employ over 3000 people, as of 2003. The company was founded by Heinz Kettler in 1949, originally employing only six people in a little shop located inside a wood processing company's attic. They have operated in the United States since 1981. Their USA headquarters is in Virginia Beach, VA.

Since being founded in 1949, the company has expanded from Heinz Kettler's hometown throughout the world, although its headquarters is still in Germany, and most of their products are still manufactured in there. Emphasis is on quality. Kettler is a recognized name worldwide in quality table tennis equipment, especially tables.