Kettler Baltic Weatherproof Outdoor Table Tennis Table Review

Today we look at the Kettler Baltic weatherproof outdoor table tennis table, in blue. Outdoor table tennis table is great. All the fun of the sport without having to make room in the house for a big table. Kettler makes great, high quality, durable outdoor tables. The top of the table is encased in aluminum. The Baltic table we purchased was the cheapest in Kettler's product line, but after glancing at their product line, the table top seems to be the same on all models. The biggest difference between the models is the support system. The bounce is decently good and consistent, though it may not be up to par with the olympic standard. We live in mild weather, so I can not say how this fares with snow, but the Kettler table definitely withstands the sun and rain very well. It is on the concrete patio in my backyard, and stays open all the time. As our patio is surrounded by green plants, the blue color really stands out and I believe this makes it a great color choice. Also, I suggest you use orange colored balls for this table. They contrast against the blue really well, and are easy to find when they get hit into bushes. You do pay for quality though, since an outdoor table generally costs more than an indoor table of a comparable quality.

We have had this table tennis table for almost a year now. It works great with no problems to speak of. As said before, it is open all the time in the backyard. The only thing we had to replace recently was the net. We got a replacement net from Kettler at a small fee. One more thing, the official kettler cover only works with a folded table. So if you just keep the table open all the time like we do, you do not need to buy a cover.